It’s our grand colourwork special

Now, I should be quite, quite honest and admit that there may be some cheating in 2011.

Specifically, I’ve been thinking about colourwork, using up scraps and what to do with two skeins of yarn.

So today we’re going to look at things you can make with two skeins or partial skeins of complementary-coloured yarn.

(All of today’s patterns are free but I will occasionally be talking about pay-for patterns in the year ahead.)


Looking for a way to use up scraps of laceweight yarn? Then check out Ann Sterling’s Star Flower Tam. It’s simply gorgeous and you can experiemnt with mixing and matching laceweights – imagine this in Kidsilk Haze and assorted hand dyed scraps! Requires 400-500 yards in total.


Staying with the hat-making theme here’s Ari Whitlow’s Snowflake Tam. It uses up to 250 yards in total and requires 25 grams of the main colour and scraps of 4 others.


Intarsia in Rowan Wool Cotton


These stunning colourwork mittens use two 50g balls of complementary wool: Drop’s Mittens with pattern in “Delight” and “Fabel”. They feature Tudor roses on the back of the hand and a deep wrist circled with vines.


Knitting for a child’s birthday? Then raid your stash for 137 – 273 yards of DK weight yarn and whip up Alison Stewart-Guinee’s Princess Crown! With sizes to fit 6 months to adult small.


With just 200 – 300 yards of worsted you can knit up a delightful baby cardigan in jolly stripes. Dove Knits’ Green zebra baby sweater is available in sizes from 3 months to 2 years.


Dig out your Aran-weight cotton and cast on for Caroline Dlugy-Hegwer’s Mother’s Day Cotton Slippers in two colours. Easy to knit in just a day, they’d make a lovely present or just a little treat for yourself.


Fairisle in worsted weight yarn


Looking for a mindless knit? Lion Brand’s Lexi Leg Warmers are simple tubes of stripy goodness knit in bulky yarn. They require 230 yards in total and make perfect TV knitting for cold January evenings!


Finally a crochet pattern in superbulky yarn. Susannah Duelfer’s stunning Tree of Life Cowl is crocheted in 130 yards of wool. It’s a slightly challenging pattern but the results are definitely worth it!

Last minute DK delights

Seasonal cliches to you all!

What about a quick gift knit in that old stand-by double knit? You tend to get good yardage per skein/ball with enough weight and warmth to make cozy accessories a possibility.

Recommended today are:

A Noble Cowl by Emily Kausalik – a gorgeous lace confection which is extremely striking. It uses 123 – 200 yards of DK.

Double Double Cloche by Mary Keenan – a chic, vintage0style hat which doubles as a chemo cap. It uses 150 – 200 yards of DK and can showcase a beautiful large button.

And lastly, the adorable Gosai Mitts by Claudia Eisenkolb which use 109 – 142 yards of DK and would work up in a trice.

Happy Knitting!

Pattern(s) of the Day

An extra-bulky non-knit!

Super Quick pre-Holiday Knits

Are you perhaps a couple of gifts short still. Don’t stress! There are some ultra, ultra quick options – especially lovely in a handspun, hand-dyed or variegated skein…

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s Unoriginal Hat really shows off a stunning skein of super-bulky yarn and takes just 80 – 90 yards.

Trish Woodson’s My Kind of Town Cowl is a really smart version of a garter stitch cowl – which would suit those who don’t like their knits too lacy or flowery. At 90 – 100 yards of super bulky it makes a substantial gift with a minimum of stitching time.

Pattern(s) of the Day

My Reverie - made in Trekking XXL

Evening all! It’s damn cold out there and time to think about hats. Here are three in varying weights.

The lovely Reverie by Amy Swenson from Knitty claims to require 405 yards but in my experience only uses 200 – 300 yards. Amy Swenson is one of my favourite Knitty designers – and she’s very generous with her free patterns. Check her out soon!

One for the whimsical and romantic from the folks at Drops – a Crocheted Lacy Hat, topped with a flower. It uses just 120 yards of DK and looks like it would be tons of fun to hook.

Lastly there’s the Halley’s Comet Hat by the ever brilliant and praise-worthy Marnie Maclean. A cute lace beanie, it uses 110 yards of Aran and would be a super-quick present or a lovely wet-Sunday-knit.

Pattern(s) of the Day

Aviatrix extrordinaire: Amelia Earhart

More ideas for Chrissie presents. This time things to make for little people with one skein or ball of DK…

That wonderful source of free patterns Drops bring us baby socks and a baby hat. Each design takes just 115 yards in the smaller sizes – 230 yards in the larger sizes.

Or a tiny 66 – 79 yards will yield a delightful crochet cap courtesy of Bernat designs.

And they don’t come much cuter than the Aviatrix baby hat by Justine Turner. Just 100 – 120 yards – I dare you to resist!

Pattern(s) of the Day

Fireworks Night! This will mean nothing to you if you're not in the UK!

I’ve been a very bad blogger recently as I’ve been sick and focusing on getting my diamond leaf pattern tested. Apologies.

So a couple of toasty uses for a skein of aran on the this cold and wet Guy Fawke’s Day.

First of all we have Andrea Black’s Simple Wreath hat, which is an elegant little beanie using 100 – 130 yards of aran.

Secondly, we have some lovely crochet Gretna Gauntlets from the Goliaths at Lion Brand Yarn. They take 100 – 145 yards of aran and look adorable….

Pattern of the Day

A really romantic way to play with 100-150 yards of aran.

It's a rose. It's blue. It rocks.

A stunning rose adorns this charming little hat.

Imagine knitting it in one the lovely colourways of Manos del Uruguay Clasica. Yum!

The Elusive Blue Rose Hat by Jana Pihota

Pattern(s) of the Day

So you’re fondling your single ball of luscious chunky goodness….

(Rude? Que?)

Furry Bob says: Make a cup of Joe, sit back and knit your cares away...

And you’re thinking: whatever do I make with this?


1) Holland Cowl by Jenny Raymond and Chris Church

Requires just 60 yards. Gorgeous and a great way to show off some funky texture….

2) Kremlin Hat by (the awesome) Annie Modesitt

In five sizes it requires 40 – 80 yards and looks cool as….

Pattern(s) of the Day

The perfect project for showing off lovely handpainted sock yarn is the:

Furry Bob says: Chillll

Willow Cowl by Amelia Lyon. It’ll really make the most of variegated yarns and it’s extremely becoming…

It’s available for free through Ravelry as is the:

Don’t Slouch hat by the same designer. Perfect for that single skein of bulky when you want to show it off!

Tried and Tested: One Skein Projects

Here we go: some one skein projects we have known and loved:

1) SUNDANCE MAKE UP BAG by Joelle Meier Rioux

Requires: 83 yards of worsted or aran yarn; 4.5mm needles and one button.

Sundance make-up bag

Highly recommended! I’ve made this many times and it works like a dream.

Try to get a sturdy gauge….




2) VINTAGE BERET by Sarah Hatton

Vintage Beret from Rowan 44

Requires 246 yards of DK yarn; 3.25mm needles and 4mm needles.

You’ll need a 100g skein of DK, but you could try sport or worsted.

It would be lovely in Manos Silk Blend or Ethical Twist.

You’ll find this pattern in the lovely Rowan 44.



3) SMITH by Ysolda Teague

Medium Smith in Smoothie DK

You can knit one of these little hedgehogs from 80 – 130 grams of DK yarn. You’ll need one ball for body and spines or scraps to make the spines a different colour – as I did.

He comes in three sizes and I’ve knit a couple in Smoothie DK to make practical and washable presents for a friend’s baby.




4) IRISH HIKING HAT by Sleepycat on Ravelry

Irish Hiking Hat as worn by my lovely mama

Requires 153 yards of bulky yarn and 5mm needles

A terrific pattern – looks great for just a little work….





Flourish bookmark knitted in laceweight held double

Requires 45 yards (!) of fingering yarn and 2.75 needles.

I made mine without the tail as it was a gift for my boyfriend and I was trying to make it marginally more manly!!

I knitted mine using laceweight held double and it’s a lovely way to use up any tiny scraps you have.

Make it teeny, make it huge. Just make it!


That was one big skein....